April 1, 2011

Vegan Cream Cheese Review

This week, Galaxy Nutritional Foods sent me some of their new vegan cream cheese to try.  I love getting vegan eats in the mail!
I didn't want to make anything too involved for the Chive + Garlic flavor - I really wanted to taste the flavor on its own .  A poppy seed bagel seemed like the perfect canvas.  The chives are what really come through and since I prefer savory flavors for breakfast, this was ideal.  And it's great to serve to non-vegans.  You would never be able to tell this isn't traditional cream cheese.
For dinner the next night, I decided to make twice baked potatoes stuffed with plain cream cheese, broccoli, red peppers, chives and vegan cheddar.  My mom always used to add cream cheese to her mashed potatoes instead of sour cream, so I thought I would do the same.  The cream cheese flavor really pops and gives the potatoes a bit of a twist.  

These were incredible - and super simple to make.  And the ultimate vegan test...my omnivore husband adored them.  

With the leftover plain cream cheese, I'm going to puree it with fresh strawberries and eat it with graham crackers...one of my favorites from childhood :)


mandy said...

Hey Sarah! Where is this cream cheese being sold in the Chicago area? I checked Whole Foods on Ashland and they did not have it. Glad you are loving Chicago!

sarah-mai said...

Mandy -

I'm checking with Galaxy now...I'll keep you posted!

sarah-mai said...

So right now it's a bit tough to find. Jewel-Osco should be carrying it at the end of April, Whole Foods will have it in June and you might be able to special order it from Dill Pickle Co-Op or other natural grocery stores. The product has two different packaging looks - one says veggie and the other says vegan. They're the same product, so either would be fine.

Hope this helps!

sarah-mai said...

I was just informed by Galaxy that Fruitfield Yield in Chicago carries their vegan cream cheese. There are several locations in the city.