October 12, 2014

Wilson & Washburn

I need to backtrack slightly. Before we actually got to Chicago, we were in Omaha for a few days. Our hotel was very close to Wilson & Washburn and I'd heard amazing things about their beet burger. 

Their take on this new classic is a seasoned beet patty with house smoked peanut butter + pickled jalapeƱo on a vegan bun. It does have a very strong beet flavor, but the pb and jalapeƱos really give it dimension. I loved the combination. 

Logan Square Farmer's Market

After brunch, Susan and I headed to the Logan Square Farmer's Market. It was the perfect day for it. 

Bot Bakery has all kinds of vegan and gluten free offerings. 

I went for the Whoopie Pie, which was delicious. 

It's a really great market in one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods. 

Ground Control

While we were in Chicago, I met my friend Susan at Ground Control. I had heard really awesome things about it, and I was really excited to try some of their sandwiches. 

I went for the Asian BBQ - Sweet and spicy Asian style bbq seitan sandwich topped with pickled daikon and carrots, cilantro, black sesame seed and spicy peanut sauce. It was really good, and quite spicy. Also, seriously messy. 

Susan had the Banh Mi - Ginger soy tofu, lentil pate, pickled daikon and carrot, cucumber, jalapeno, fresh mint, cilantro, sriracha mayo. Also very tasty. 

The greens on the side were delicious. Sometimes kale is too tough, or too bland, but this kale was just right. Lots of flavor and a great texture. 

I'm not big on breakfast, so this was the perfect Sunday brunch meal for me. 

October 9, 2014

Vegan Wedding in Chicago

How many times have you gone to a wedding, and as a vegan option, had an iceberg salad? This wedding made up for all of those times. (Not that I don't love my family and friends who are kind enough to think of my dietary choices. It's the thought that counts, right?). My lovely friends Dave and Rachel were married last month and a couple of weeks ago, we celebrated with them in Chicago. 

They had one table set up with all of the traditional food, and one table off to the side with all of the vegan food. They had to keep reminding people that this food is vegan and to save it for the actual vegans :) Upton's Naturals seitan, mac + cheese, braised greens, sauerkraut, and a glorious mustard sauce. It was so heavenly good. 

And followed by Red Velvet cake with Lavender Cream Icing by Luscious Layers. Awesome, awesome cake. 

Here are the beautiful bride and handsome groom (both vegan). 

And the post-dinner bonfire. Don't you love how your clothes and hair smell after a bonfire?