April 28, 2011

Grilling season

So the weather has started to get slightly warmer in Chicago and we've finally been able to use our new grill.  Yes, vegans can grill. And not just vegetables.  

Here are some of my favorites...

Kebabs made of Gardein chicken, red and green peppers, onions + cherry tomatoes - brushed with Earth Balance and lemon pepper seasoning, served over rice.  It's such a simple dinner but so flavorful and filling.

Pizza made with peppers, onions, olives + Follow Your Heart mozzarella.  Grilled to perfection on a pizza stone - there is truly nothing like homemade pizza.

And Chicago dogs with Smart Dog hot dogs.  If you've never had a vegan hot dog on the grill...you are seriously missing out.


Claire said...

Would love to try your chicago dogs :)

sarah-mai said...

Yes, you have to come to Chicago to try them! I don't think you can get the right kind of pickles or relish in France :)

Claire said...

Actually I bought some Heinz relish in an american shop in Paris last month and the buns in an english shop in Montpellier but the vegan sausages I find are not appreciated by the boys!
Tough to make a hot dog in France I tell you!

sarah-mai said...

Oh great, I love Heinz :)

You never know with faux meat products, some are amazing with natural ingredients and others are super processed that taste awful. Wait until they come to the states, there are so many great options here!

I'm so happy that you went vegan for dinner!!!