April 20, 2011

Cyber Dogs

Cyber Dogs was highly recommended to me from a vegan friend. 
It is both a restaurant and internet cafe with a very bright interior.
They have several kinds of veggie hot dogs with various toppings and offer both vegetarian and vegan options. I went with the El Bandito, complete with chili, homemade vegan cheese sauce, avocado, salsa and fresh green onions. Everything about this hot dog was incredible – the flavors, the texture, the combinations. Above all, the cheese sauce was out of this world. 
And clearly, the portion sizes are enormous.


Steve Loeb said...

Nice pictures! I'm working on a new website for Cyber Dogs (family pro-bono) --- would it be OK to use your pictures on the new site? I would credit you and link to your blog. Thanks!

sarah-mai said...

Hi Steve - thanks so much!

Of course you can use my images. I wish I'd taken more for you!

Please send me your email and I'll send you the images directly.