April 22, 2011


My first dinner in Seattle was outside on a lovely evening at Japonessa. They have several kinds of vegetable nigiri, including Sweet Roasted Red Pepper and beautifully presented Avocado Cucumber.  This was my first experience with nigiri and I loved it! 
I also ordered the Spicy Tomato Tofu. The sauce is spicy, filled with tomatoes and onions and just plain delicious. I did ask them to make sure there was no fish sauce in the dish, just to be on the safe side. Fish and eel sauces commonly sneak into many vegetable and tofu dishes.  I wish I had a knack for identifying specific ingredients in dishes because I would love to make this sauce at home on a regular basis!
Also, Happy Earth Day!!!  There's nothing better you can do for our Earth than going vegan.  If that's too much right away, reduce your meat consumption.  Make vegetarian your goal.  Once you're there, I promise you will WANT to go vegan.  It may take time (it took me 26 years!!!) but you'll get there.  If you're at all skeptical, please let me know.  I would be happy to send you more information :)


Aron said...

That looks so good!

Thanks for your comment on our blog. I replied in the post. :)

sarah-mai said...

First place I've ever seen Vegetable Nigiri! It was amazing :)