April 13, 2011

Karyn's on Green Follow Up

Based on my previous posts, I think you know how much I enjoy Karyn's on Green.  I tried a few new things recently and I've been dying to share them.

They have such a lovely Tonics + Elixirs drink menu.  I've tried them all, and my favorite is the Clip On.  Strange name, but the combination of coconut water, lime, almond-spice syrup and orange is so refreshing.
Then my friends and I shared the Hummus Plate, served with raw crackers, marinated olives and tomato relish.  Perfect for sharing and the crackers have incredible flavor.
Then we moved on to the Aged Raw Cheese Plate.  Oh. My. Gosh.  There are three different types of cheeses, all of them unique and delicious, served with raw crackers, pear relish, arugula and grapes.
Cheese is something I miss.  I miss the flavor of hard aged cheeses, in particular.  These raw cheeses are not hard in texture, but they have that same aged flavor and all three truly tasted very different.  Love that!


Carissa said...

That place looks like they have some AWESOME food!

PS: Can you pretty please stop by my blog and vote for me on PETA's sexiest veg next door? THANK YOU!!!

sarah-mai said...

One of my favorite places to eat :)

Good luck in the contest!!!