April 10, 2011

Ian's Pizza

Last Thursday night, I had dinner at Ian's Pizza in Wrigleyville.  Every Thursday night is Vegan Night and they offer 5-7 different types of vegan slices.  And they even keep it local, using Upton's Naturals and Teese cheese.

First up, a slice with Upton's sausage-style seitan and Teese Mozzarella. Great crust and the sausage has the perfect amount of spice and seasoning.
Then I moved onto a slice of Taco Pizza with Upton's Chorizo-style seitan, Teese Cheddar and Mozzarella, peppers, onions and tomatoes. This is one spicy slice.  It has so much flavor and a serious bite. 
And...a vegan chocolate chip cookie.  A perfect end to a Thursday night.

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