April 25, 2011

Plum Bistro

For our last dinner in Seattle, it had to be Plum Bistro. I’d heard so much about this restaurant and couldn’t wait to partake.
We started with the Avocado Roll – brown rice & nori roll with avocado, carrots, asparagus, lettuce, vegan cheese, chipotle mayo & sesame seeds. A great way to start, much more complexity and depth than any other Avocado Roll I’ve encountered.
We also shared a Romaine salad filled with crispy tempeh, freshly baked croutons, lemon, red onion and vegan caesar dressing. I absolutely cannot resist a vegan creamy dressing.

And you can’t visit Plum Bistro without experiencing their Spicy Cajun Mac ‘N’ Yease. Spicy, creamy and extremely comforting. Vegan awesomeness.
Lovely food and a lovely atmosphere.


bitt said...

plum is certainly one of our top places here in seattle. i love the avocado roll too. wish i could replicate it at home.

sarah-mai said...

I'd love to hear any of your other recommendations for Seattle...I have a list going for my next visit!

deucenickeltay said...

Highline, a totally vegan bar, is amazing! Cafe Flora, Wayward, Bamboo Garden, and Georgetown Liquor Company are my other favorites. Turnpike Pizza is really good. I've heard amazing things about Sutra and St Dames, but have yet to visit them. Carmelita, which is totally vegetarian, can be hit or miss, but only because the menu is so small and sometimes there is only one vegan entree so it just depends how picky you are.

sarah-mai said...

Wow...what a list! Thanks so much!!!