January 31, 2011

Blue Sushi does it again

Blue Sushi recently added two new veggie rolls to their menu...and I could not be more thrilled.  I love vegetarian sushi and get really bored with cucumber and avocado rolls.

It's so refreshing when sushi restaurants offer inventive veg rolls.  Blue's menu has always had a great selection, and they continue to improve upon it.  

The V.L.T. is filled with bibb letuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, avocado, shallot, daikon sprouts, mayo and smoked tomato paper - I just asked them to leave out the mayo.  This roll will blow you away with its flavors.  It tastes just like a veggie B.L.T.  I was extremely skeptical, but so pleasantly surprised. 
They also added the Veggie Crunchy Blue, which is made up of asparagus tempura, yam tempura, red pepper, avocado, cream cheese, panko and veggie sauce.  This roll is not vegan, but I was informed by the chef that they will leave out the cream cheese and tempura batter at your request.  And I love that they now have a veggie sauce - recently I ordered a vegetarian roll at another restaurant and it was smothered in eel sauce.

Blue is by far my favorite sushi restaurant for vegetarians, and it just happens to be in Omaha, Nebraska.  Who would have thought?  

You can see my previous posts on Blue here and here.   Also be sure to check out their Fort Worth location!


Nichole said...

If you're ever in Santa Cruz, Ca there's a fabulous place near downtown called Mobo Sushi (http://mobosushirestaurant.com/index.html). They have the largest vegetarian sushi section I've ever seen and all the vegan rolls are clearly marked. My favorite has shiitake, avocado, macadamia nut and other fabulous things!

sarah-mai said...

Oh that sounds amazing! I definitely need to get out to CA more often... I have quite a few posts coming up this month on Palm Springs...

I'll definitely keep that in mind - thanks!