January 10, 2011

Northstar . Columbus OH

Northstar is one of my favorite restaurants in Columbus.  And their breakfast/brunch is awesome.
I almost always have the Big Burrito made vegan (without cheese or eggs, with tofu).  It's filled with sweet potatoes, black beans, onions, peppers, tofu and cilantro served with a side of spicy salsa.  They also have fresh squeezed orange juice, strawberry and blueberry smoothies, but I go for their freshly prepared Ginger Ale with lime and mint.  Yum!


Brian said...

went here for lunch today,.. as awesome as you had said. we went to the one north of the city, beachwood maybe? anyway, i had the thai burrito, and the ginger ale :) very nice. its on my map, we'll be going back. almost half way to cleveland, awesome food, changing table in the bathroom, who could ask for anything more??? will try some of your other place on forthcoming trips. love this place!

sarah-mai said...

It's really my favorite place in Columbus. So glad you enjoyed it!