August 16, 2010

Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps

Whenever I'm in Omaha, I get my sushi fix at Blue Sushi .  I love veggie sushi and their rolls do not disappoint.  Recently I tried the Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps and they've become my new favorite.  Crisp lettuce, edamame hummus, puffed glass noodles, cucumber salad, pickled carrots and sesame rice noodles with creamy cilantro, spicy peanut and yogurt curry sauce.  If you're vegan, the cilantro and curry sauces contain dairy, so stick with the spicy peanut.  If you'd like some other options, the chef recommends the carrot ginger vinaigrette and the wasabi soy vinaigrette, which are both vegan.

They're so refreshing and satisfying.  There's enough to share, but you won't want to.
See my previous post on Blue Sushi here.  They're extremely accommodating and helpful to people with dietary restrictions!

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