January 19, 2011

Candle 79

Candle 79 is a world renowned vegan restaurant with incredibly inventive cuisine.  During my last NYC trip, my husband and I shared some amazing dishes...

Butternut Squash Soup with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds.
Fried Dumplings with Seitan, Shitake Mushrooms, Baby Bok Choy and Sesame Ginger Soy Sauce.
Vegetable Nori Rolls with Avocado Wasabi, Chipotle Aioli and Tamari Ginger Sauce.
And Angel's Nachos - Corn Chips, Cheddar and Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Refried Pinto Beans, Chili grilled Seitan, Guacamole, Salsa and Sour Cream.  I simply cannot resist Vegan Nachos.  It doesn't matter what else is on the menu...I just have to have them.  These were some of the best I've tasted.  
I have never been disappointed at Candle 79 or Candle Cafe.  If you've never been, it's a must stop in New York.  Candle 79 also has a great vegan Sunday brunch!


Brian said...

this looks awesome, and i love your food pics, you do an amazing job. you have to let me know what camera and lens you use. i cannot help but notice a guy in a red, white and blue plad shirt in the last few blogs. either those were all taken on the same day, your husband really loves that shirt. i assume its a husband :-)

sarah-mai said...

Thank you so much! I use a Leica Deluxe 4 for everything. Yes, my husband does enjoy that shirt :) All of the New York images were taken during a 3 day trip so he had a limited wardrobe!!!

mangocheeks said...

I am so envious - real creative veggie food. This place is on my wish list to try, should I ever get to visit New York. I am sure that day will come :)

sarah-mai said...

Candle Cafe has a cookbook, should you need a fix before your next NY trip :)