January 21, 2011

Nida's Thai in Columbus

Nida's Thai on High has got some killer Thai food.  Their Pad Cashew was my choice this visit and it was perfectly crisp, salty and savory.  I always look for this dish at Thai restaurants...it varies from place to place but I just love the cashews.  The texture is such a nice complement to the tofu and sauteed vegetables.

They also have a location inside the North Market with an abbreviated menu.  And with all Asian restaurants, make sure to specify no fish sauce.


mangocheeks said...

Other than Thai green and red curry I have to admit i have not been that adventurous with Thai cuisine. This Pad cashew looks really good to me. Shame they are not based in Scotland, as I would have made a point of visiting.

sarah-mai said...

I have had some amazing Thai food in London - maybe that's a bit closer to you :)

I've seen this dish called Pad Cashew, Pad Sapporod, or Sweet and Sour Cashew with Pineapple!