February 2, 2011

Daily Grub Lately

Over the past year and a half, I spent a lot of time in Omaha, Nebraska.  As most of you know, Daily Grub is the only vegan restaurant there and by far the best restaurant in the city, in my opinion.  

Here are just a few dishes offered over the past couple of months...

Dates filled with Vegan Macademia Nut Feta.  Perfect for sharing as an appetizer.
Meatball Sub - Nut based Patties with Mushrooms and Onions, topped with Bell Pepper Tomato Sauce.  Great combination of flavors and really hearty.
Cheese Grits and Sweet Potato Casserole with a side of Greens - this was my favorite.  It's a perfect lunch for winter...wonderfully creamy, peppery and filling.
Grandma's Runza.  I had never heard of a Runza before coming to Omaha, but apparently it's a very traditional dish here.  It's made with sauteed onions, cabbage and beef or pork baked inside a dough pocket.  This version is obviously meat free, but with really great flavors and a flaky crust.
Dessert isn't always served at DG, but when it is, it's amazing.  This is a Caramel Apple Crumble with bits of hardened vegan caramel and a beautiful pie crust.  I asked my dining partners to split one with me, but they all refused and proceeded to get their own.
If you don't have any trips to Omaha planned, hopefully these dishes will inspire your own cooking.  I've found Daily Grub's menus to be so inventive that they make me think of cooking in a completely new way.  I've also heard that a cookbook might be in the works!

If you do make it to Omaha, stop in and tell them I said hello!

My trips to Omaha will be pretty few and far between this year, but I have to say what an amazing city it is.  I truly thought I might be the only vegetarian there, but to my surprise I met at least a dozen vegans who live there and who are continually helping to change the city into a very veg-friendly one.  Just further proof of how prevalent veganism is becoming.  Woo hoo!


mangocheeks said...

Its very unlikely I should ever venture to that part of the world, but I thank you for showing such lovely looking grub. I'm especially intrigued by the Cheese grits.

sarah-mai said...

The Cheese Grits were absolutely amazing. I believe she uses cashew cheese (that she makes herself), and not soy cheese, mixed in with the grits. There are also small slices of sweet potatoes throughout that give it just a touch of sweetness and great texture.