January 14, 2011


On my last trip to NY, I really wanted to visit Hangawi, a Korean vegetarian restaurant, on 32nd Street.  Unfortunately, the evening I went I was with a large group and they were completely full.  So...they suggested we walk four blocks to their sister restaurant, Franchia.

We sampled a little bit of everything.  First, Lotus Leaf Tea...
Followed by Vegetable + Soy Meat Dumplings.
Vegetarian California Roll made with vegan crab.
And Sizzling Spinach Noodles, a very unique dish of fried noodles, spinach and soy chicken.  
Everything that I tasted was very good, but I was especially impressed with their Sushi.  I love adding vegan crab to give veggie sushi a bit more substance.  Franchia turned out to be a lovely surprise!

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