November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Every year for Thanksgiving, I adopt a turkey from Farm Sanctuary. It's a lovely thing to do and they'll even send you a picture and certificate of your turkey. You can choose from several different turkeys from their NY and CA locations.
This year, I chose Elizabeth. Isn't she beautiful? No, I didn't think so either. Turkeys are not very attractive :)
So...since I won't be eating turkey tomorrow, what will I be eating? My family is coming to Chicago to celebrate with my husband and me. Here's what we'll be making, all vegan of course:

Mashed Potatoes with cream cheese and green onions
Baked Corn
Cauliflower Mousseline
Green Bean Casserole - not the traditional version, but Isa Chandra's version!
Brussel Sprouts
Cranberry Orange Relish

I'll have pictures of everything on Friday! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

P.S. Elizabeth's favorite foods are kiwi and melon.


Laure said...

Coconut cream pie !!! Yummy !!

sarah-mai said...

Please take pics of your French Thanksgiving! I'll have lots of pics on Friday of our day!!!

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