November 18, 2011

Bun Mi Express

Vietnamese food holds a special place in my heart...and my stomach. I'm half Vietnamese and my mother is a chef, so I grew up eating a lot of traditional dishes. Finding vegan, even vegetarian Vietnamese food can be tricky. Thankfully, in the past few years the Banh Mi has been everywhere in the vegetarian community. Last weekend my husband and I stopped by Bun Mi Express for their take on this tasty sandwich.
Seasoned tofu, marinated cucumbers, carrots and jalapenos, with lots of fresh herbs on a crispy baguette. Even my 'hopeful pescetarian' husband loved it. It's the perfect lunch and a great price!
They also have Veggie or Lemongrass Tofu Spring Rolls (they're awesome!) and a Curry Seitan Sandwich on their menu.
Click here to see one of my all time favorite Banh Mis.

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