November 28, 2011

Nhu Lan Bakery

The day after Thanksgiving, we had already eaten too many leftovers and didn't feel like cooking, so we ventured to Nhu Lan Bakery in Chicago for their vegetarian Banh Mis. They have four different types.

The #9 - Classic Veggie. This one normally comes with mayo, so let them know if you're vegan and they'll sub vegan pate. Marinated julienned vegetables and fresh herbs.

The #10 - Lemongrass Tofu with marinated vegetables, jalapenos and herbs.
The #11 - Ginger Tofu with marinated vegetables and herbs.
The #12 - Veggie Pate + Ham, also with marinated vegetables and herbs.
My favorite was the Veggie Pate + Ham. They also serve spring rolls, salads, smoothies and traditional Vietnamese desserts. Really good cheap eats when you're eating with a mixed crowd of veggies and omnis.


About This Suburbanista said... of my favorite places in AP!

sarah-mai said...

I love Vietnamese food, so glad the vegetarian banh mi is popping up everywhere now!