October 17, 2011

Dose Market

Dose Market is a once-a-month Chicago event featuring some truly amazing local vendors. 

Each month you can look forward to everything from terrariums from Sprout Home,
Paper goods from Suitor,
Stereos? Yep, stereos made out of vintage suitcases that is, from Gentleman's Boombox.
Denim aprons from Winter Session (how cool are these?),
And food. Lots of food. I love these BBQ sauce bottles from Lillie's Q.
And I picked up a Caramel Apple jam from Rare Bird Preserves. The caramel is made with apple cider, not butter! It's totally vegan.
And a beautiful Thai chile and herb salad from X-Marx.
Check out all of their vendors here. And now Fritz Pastry has joined the market with their amazing vegan doughnuts. More on those doughnuts here.


Laure said...

Such a great place and so many things to taste !! Wanna go back !!

Claire said...

I love terrariums. I tried to make one but my plants are dying :(
Seems like I watered them too much

sarah-mai said...

We have a terrarium and I think I water it once every few months. It does fine on its own!