October 5, 2011

Cascabel Taqueria

Cascabel Taqueria recently opened in my neighborhood on the Upper West Side in New York. My husband and I stopped by for lunch a few weeks ago. 

They have three different salsas, Roasted Tomato, Diablo + Tomatillo. The Tomatillo is my favorite, I put it on everything!
Guacamole is a must.
And their Ensalada Luchador comes with bibb lettuce, fingerling potatoes, pickled jalapenos and pumpkin seeds. (Be sure to order yours without queso fresco if you're vegan). It's a really light and refreshing salad.
Equally good, is their Avocado Pummelo Ensalada with avocados, grapefruit, grape tomatoes, cilantro, red onion and toasted coriander.
I love when Mexican food is fresh and light, not heavy and fried. Cascabel Taqueria also has a location on the Upper East Side.

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