August 20, 2012

Victoria Vegan Vodka Sauce

A few weeks ago I ordered the Victoria Vegan Vodka Sauce from Vegan Essentials. My husband adores vodka sauce and I was so excited to find a vegan version.

The sauce is incredible. It has the perfect amount of sweetness and a touch of garlic. It's quite possibly my favorite jarred pasta sauce.
They also make 6 other varieties of marinara - Classic, Mushroom, White Bean, Chianti Wine + Italian Veggie. The White Bean sounds so good!
If you're not familiar with Vegan Essentials, it's an amazing source for all things vegan.

4 comments: said...

that looks SO delicious!

sarah-mai said...

It was so so good. I highly recommend it!

veggiefitness said...

I am eating this for dinner tonight, cannot wait :)

sarah-mai said...

You will not be disappointed! I'm dying to try the Alfredo versions available now!!