August 23, 2012

Urban Union

Urban Union in University Village (Chicago) changes their menu seasonally. So I'm sure their menu has changed since I was last there, but this will at least give an idea of what types of dishes they serve.
Most of their dishes are meant to be shared. And they have quite a few vegan and vegetarian options to choose. 

For examples, a Farro, Arugula + Onion Salad with lemon and mint dressing.
An Endive, Raddichio + Spinach Salad with apples and candied nuts.
Wood Roasted Rapini with garlic, chili, lemon and oil.
They also have some amazing Garlic Frites, but by the time they arrived it was too dark for a photo...I also noticed Roasted Sweet Corn with lime and smoked paprika on their current menu. I will definitely have to make a follow up visit before corn is out of season!

Also, they have a great frame in the back of the restaurant...about life.


Anonymous said...

how delicious! that farro and arugula looks fabulous!

sarah-mai said...

The farro was awesome, I need to start making it at home!