August 10, 2012

Fish Bar

Fish doesn't exactly sound like a vegan/vegetarian friendly place. 

However, I found some really awesome starters and side dishes worth writing about.

The house salad - butter lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and balsamic dressing - is light and fresh, which is definitely needed with the fried foods to come...
I can't resist tater tots, and these are particularly crispy.
And my favorite - fried lemon, onion and jalapeno. The onions and jalapenos are good, but the lemons are crazy good. They're dipped in a seasoned flour and fried until golden.
And again, outdoor seating!


Anonymous said...

it looks like you had some delicious eats! love the tots!

sarah-mai said...

Lately I've been seeing tater tot nachos on menus :) If only someone would veganize these!!!