August 30, 2012

Universal Studios

Last month, I met my sister and her family in Orlando so we could visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. (Our trip to Universal was really just for she and I, my nephews - 12 and 8 - sadly had no real desire). I thought for sure I would be eating french fries and side salads all day.

However, to my delight, Confisco Grille & Backwater Bar is very vegetarian friendly. The hummus, topped with olive oil and fresh herbs, and wood oven baked lavosh was so good - I love the texture of the lavosh. It puffs up in the heat and when you tear it open, all the steam releases.
The Tex Mex Wrap can easily be veganized, and as long as I have guacamole, I'm happy.

The best part is they label all of their items as Vegetarian or Gluten Free.
Now to the fun part...on our way to Harry Potter, we passed through Seuss Landing. It's so beautiful here - it's really magical.
And then you'll spot Hogsmeade. The rooves are covered with snow and all the chimneys are crooked - the details are really spot on.
The ride inside of Hogwarts is worth the wait - that is if you go in the single riders line. You'll be split up from your party, but it's usually a five minute wait vs an hour wait. My nephew and I still got to ride together, it all depends on the size of the groups.
I loved this train schedule. The details make you feel like all of it really exists somewhere.
They serve Butterbeer everywhere, but unfortunately the topping is not vegan. (You might be able to order this without the topping, but not sure how good that would taste...)

The Pumpkin Juice is vegan. It's pretty much like drinking pumpkin pie, if you're into that sort of thing. Which I kind of was, given the circumstances. Not sure I would drink this anywhere but there :)


Anonymous said...

how fun!!! i love HP:) and that pumpkin juice actually sounds really good!! :)

sarah-mai said...

It was strange, but good :) Not a smoothie, like you'd expect, but straight up juice. Pumpkin pie juice.