August 17, 2011

Zen Palate

Zen Palate has several location in NYC and I've been a fan for many years. They recently opened a restaurant on 105th and Broadway and my family and I had dinner there a few weeks ago.

We shared the Sampler Platter, which says for two but was plenty for four of us. It consists of Autumn Rolls, Tri-Color Zen Maki, Moo Shu Rolls, Marinated Soy Pate and Sweet Yam Fries.
For our entrees, we each ordered something different to taste a bit of everything.

The South by Southeast features Bean and Soy Croquettes with a lemongrass sauce, Moo Shu Rolls and steamed broccoli and cauliflower.
Shredded Melody is filled with shredded soy protein, celery, zucchini and pine nuts in a garlic sauce.
The Shepherd Pie Croquettes are Potato Pies stuffed with soy protein, veggies and teriyaki sauce and perfectly browned, served with a salad and Basil Rolls. I love the concept of the croquette and you don't find many vegan versions.
The Sweet and Sour Sensation includes battered soy protein in a sweet and sour sauce, steamed broccoli and rice. This one is my favorite, anything with sweet and sour sauce works for me!
Zen Palate is great at providing vegan Asian comfort food. It's a great place to take non-vegans for lunch or dinner. Some of their desserts are not vegan, so make sure to verify!


xvavaveganx said...

Gorgeous pics!! Zen Palate has been one of my favorite restaurants for years and I was so sad when they closed the Long Island location because I lived about 10 minutes from it! The sweet and sour sensation was always a fav of mine and their yam fries are AMAZING! I have to get into the city soon because now I'm craving their delicious dishes!

sarah-mai said...

They closed their Upper West Side location years ago and I was so bummed. I'm so lucky that they opened another in my old neighborhood!!!