August 1, 2011

Pure Food + Wine

Pure Food + Wine, an all raw vegan restaurant, is one of my favorites in New York. I was there a couple of months ago with some friends and had the most exquisite three course meal.

I started with the Strawberry Blonde shake, made with strawberries, bananas, pineapple and coconut water. My friends had beautiful organic cocktails decorated with edible flowers.
We shared the Plate of Dr. Cow Tree Nut Cheeses with Rosemary Crisps, Huckleberry Compote + Mustard Greens. The cheeses are all vegan and completely raw.
I also ordered a Frisee and Endive Salad with dates, pine nuts and orange segments.
For our entrees, we had the Zucchini and Heirloom Tomato Lasagna with basil pistachio pesto, sun-dried tomato marinara and macadamia pumpkin seed ricotta.
The Stuffed Red Bell Pepper with caper ricotta, herb marinated mushrooms and a wild arugula sauce.
Sweet Corn and Cashew Tamales with Chili Spiced Portabella accompanied by salsa verde, cashew coconut sour cream, avocado and raw cacao mole. This was my favorite!
And Porcini Ravioli with Truffle Cream Sauce, Baby White Asparagus, pickled ramp, parsley salad and porcini oil.
Followed by three spectacular desserts...

A special that evening - A Chocolate + Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae with whipped cream, bananas, almonds and chocolate sauce.
Salted Chocolate Caramel Tart with pecan caramel, dark chocolate ganache, maldon sea salt and vanilla cream.
An Apple Tarte Tatin with apple cider caramel, horchata ice cream and maple candy.
It all seemed so indulgent, yet it was 100% raw and vegan. Everything was incredible. 

Raw, organic food can be quite expensive, but it's so worth it here. You really appreciate all of the thought and preparation that went into each dish. They're so inventive and flavorful. Such an amazing experience - amazing atmosphere, mind-blowing food.

Plus we got to see Sarma in person that night...she's even more gorgeous in person!


Rebecca said...

mmmm I'm actually leaving for NYC tomorrow night! i eat a plant based diet besides fish occasionally but I'm going with my friend and we're stopping at as many vegan restaurants we can once we there! candle 79, pure food and wine.. any other suggestions?

sarah-mai said...

I have so many suggestions!

Red Bamboo - low key, amazing food, West Village
Loving Hut - mostly Asian dishes, great smoothies, Midtown
Stogo - vegan ice cream, East Village
lula's sweet apothecary - vegan cashew cream ice cream, East Village
Terri - fast take out or dine in food + juices and muffins/donuts, Flatiron
hangawi - korean vegetarian, Midtown
Blossom - great for dinner, Chelsea
Blossom du jour - across from Blossom, vegan fast food, Chelsea
Cocoa V - next to Blossom du jour, vegan chocolaterie, Chelsea
Blossom Cafe - awesome potato salad, Upper West Side
V note - bar/small plates all vegan, owned by Blossom, Upper East Side
counter - great for dinner, East Village
pukk - great food, vegetarian, inexpensive, East Village
lan cafe - vietnamese vegetarian, East Village
peacefood cafe - lots of great options for lunch or dinner plus amazing desserts, Upper West Side
babycakes - one of my favorite bakeries in nyc, gluten free, sugar free, great for people with food allergies, and all vegan, Lower East Side
teany - lots of teas and they serve vegan treats desserts (THE BEST VEGAN CAKES) and great sandwiches and soups, Lower East Side
Candle 79 or Candle Cafe - 79 is more upscale, both are amazing, Upper East Side
Maoz Vegetarian - various locations, super good falafel with hummus, toppings bar, very casual, mostly to go
If you're out and about and looking for quick vegan options, Pret a Manger and Le Pain Quotidien are always awesome choices, various locations
Vegan Dosa Cart - Washington Square Park Mon-Sat for lunch, really yummy dosas w great sauces, all vegan
Zen Palate - various locations, Asian fusion, faux meats
Eataly - they have a Vegetarian counter with some of the most amazing bruschetta I've ever eaten. Also great to walk around and discover all of the fresh produce and Italian groceries, Flatiron
If you're in Central Park, there is a cart that offers vegan hot dogs - Good To Go Organics, it's on one of the main roads

Have so much fun - it's the best place to be a vegan/vegetarian!!!

Jeni Treehugger said...

I just drooled on my keyboard!!! All that food looks amazing.

sarah-mai said...

The most amazing raw food...ever!