August 19, 2011


Eataly!!!! I've walked by so many times, but finally went in just last month. Their produce section rocks. Everything is fresh and the varieties are endless.
Mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms...and fiddlehead ferns and sea beans.
Fresh sundried tomatoes, peppers, all kinds of beans, tomatillos, leeks, broccoli...
Radishes, herbs, endive, frisee, baby romaine, red oak lettuce, cabbage...
Tomatoes of every color.
And...Le Verdure. There are all kinds of mini-restaurants within Eataly. One for pizza, one for pasta, etc, etc. This one is just for vegetables.
They have a great menu, but they also offer numerous specials everyday.
I was there twice and tried the special of the day each time. 

First, Roasted Corn Bruschetta with a corn puree, roasted corn fresh off the cob, black garlic (yum!) and chives on toasted bread. The kitchen is completely open so you can actually confirm with your chef that your dish is vegan and watch him/her prepare it. This dish was so incredible. My cousin and I went back a second time just for this!

Second, I had the Insalata Tricolore with fresh red cherries and balsamic vinaigrette. The cherries were so sweet and perfect when paired with the balsamic.
I love the concept - fresh ingredients, inventive food, open atmosphere. I highly recommend it.

Several of the photos above are courtesy of my lovely cousin, Laure.

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Claire said...

Looks so good and such a great place to shop