August 24, 2011

Ely's To Go in Summer

Last month, I spent two days with my parents at their vegan restaurant, Ely's To Go. Even if you can't make it to Boardman, Ohio, hopefully their dishes will inspire your recipes!

The first day they were serving a Fresh Corn Chowder with bread from the Bread Chef. This corn is fresh off the cob - I witnessed it myself!
One of their sides that day was a Summer Salad made up of peppers, green beans, cannellini beans, squash and bing cherries with a lemongrass vinaigrette.
And for dessert...or breakfast, Red Raspberry + Peach Muffins. This muffin is quite possible the best muffin I've ever tasted, vegan or otherwise. My dad is the mastermind behind all of the muffins, scones and cookies.
And to prove my mother never stops cooking, that evening at home, she made a Soy Chicken Salad with Bing Cherry vinaigrette, corn with green onions, sea salt and olive oil and fresh bread.
The following day, they served their Grilled Cheese with pear and arugula. Here they are fresh off the grill.
Even before I became vegan, I was never a big mayo fan. I don't know that I'd ever tried potato salad before a couple of years ago. With Vegenaise, I'm a huge fan of potato salad now. The version at Ely's is made with all different kinds of potatoes - white, yellow, sweet and purple.
The cookie that day was a Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut...yum.
And they were preparing the tempeh bacon for their BLTs.
The menu changes daily and everything is seasonal, fresh, local and organic whenever possible.


Marilynne said...

Ely's is fantastic! I had the steak sandwich on a French baguette with vegenaise. I never tasted anything so delightful. And the soups are wonderful. I ate there at lunch and was not hungry at suppertime. Vegan eating makes me feel so good.

sarah-mai said...

So glad to hear it! I agree 100%.