March 10, 2011

Sushi Samba Chicago

Sushi Samba is a really unique Japanese/Peruvian/Brazilian fusion restaurant with locations in several cities.  I've been to the New York and Miami locations, and now Chicago.  Truthfully, I go for one thing.  The Peruvian Corn - it's just a side dish, but I love it and it's pretty rare to find in restaurants. 

I started with their Field Green Salad, really fresh and filled with great texture.
The Green City Roll is filled with sweet corn, green beans, asparagus, and green tosaka.  I also ordered an Avocado Roll, a vegetarian sushi staple.
And for sides, I chose the Peruvian Corn (obviously)...
And the Japanese Eggplant sauteed in a soy glaze.
I always love creating a meal by piecing together different small plates, that way you get to taste all kinds of amazing flavors, you're not just limited to one.  I consistently order small portions so that I have room to try everything!


jenn said...

I first found Sushi Samba in NYC, and then ate at the Las Vegas location. It is one of my favorite places bar none. As someone who is just in the midst of changing my eating habits, it's nice to know I can still indulge there!

sarah-mai said...

I've also found that each location does things a little differently. So the same dishes are actually prepared in unique ways, making each location stand out :)

Lauren said...

Corn sushi? Sign me up.

sarah-mai said...

I know Lauren - it's the first time I've ever encountered corn sushi - really good!