March 14, 2011

Karyn's on Green

Karyn's on Green is a truly amazing vegan restaurant in the West Loop of Chicago.  I've eaten there several times and each time it gets better.
My first visit I had the Shepherd's Pie, which features seitan, carrots, parsnips in a red wine gravy topped with a horseradish potato pancake.  It's a great take on the classic dish.  The potato pancake gives it such a nice crisp texture.

My second visit I ordered the Chorizo Sliders and the Arugula Pizza.  

The sliders consist of portobello bacon, frisée, vegan cheddar, chipotle aioli and tomato-pepper jam on mini ciabatta rolls.  The flavors are paired so perfectly, and the tomato-pepper jam takes it to another level.
The Arugula Pizza is topped with thinly sliced yukon potatoes, caramelized onions, roasted garlic oil, vegan mozzarella and fresh arugula.  The crispy thin crust, the creamy mozzarella, the peppery arugula...seriously delicious.
On my third visit, I had the Crab Cake, accompanied by grilled bok choy, rosemary aioli and yukon gold pepperonata.  I've never actually had a real crab cake, but from what I've seen and heard, I would imagine it would taste just like this.  And I've never seen a crab cake with accoutrements as beautiful as these.
If this isn't enough food lust for you, see my post on their brunch menu here.


Sarah S. said...

I <3 Karyn's!

sarah-mai said...

I've only been to Karyn's on Green, but I'm dying to try her other restaurants!

Anonymous said...

We went here for my Birthday last night - love, love, loved it!

sarah-mai said...

What did you have???