February 11, 2011

Vegan Omaha + Crystal Jade

Vegan Omaha holds an event every month or so where vegetarians and vegans get together at a local eatery (most of the time non-veg restaurants).  The restaurants will actually feature an all vegan menu or buffet to accommodate everyone. 

Crystal Jade hosted a recent event and set up an enormous buffet filled with tofu, vegetables, spring rolls, rice and noodle dishes, all 100% vegan. 

Some of my favorites were Peanut Butter Tofu, Pad Thai, Volcano Tofu and of course Fried Spring Rolls.
And for dessert...vegan pumpkin cake.

And just in case you thought Omaha, Nebraska had a 0 vegan population...this is just one angle, I couldn't fit everyone in one shot ;)

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