February 14, 2011

Quest for the Most Amazing Vegan Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

My husband and I are just discovering Chicago.  Neither of us have ever spent much time here, so we're having a great time eating our way through the city.  One thing I am definitely in search of is truly awesome vegan deep dish pizza.  My first stop was Gino's East.  It's very popular and frequented by tourists.  Knowing nothing about the city or deep dish pizza, I thought this would be a good starting point.
So I ordered their Vegetarian pizza with asparagus, green and red peppers, mushrooms, onions, squash, eggplant and zucchini minus the cheese.  (Yes, I was asked if I was sure I wanted it without cheese).

Deep dish pizza is very different from the NY pizza I'm used to.  The crust is very buttery, although I've been told by many people that it does not contain butter.  (I've also confirmed this with various recipes, but make sure and ask at each location as recipes vary).  It's also flaky, more like a biscuit than traditional pizza crust.  
I really enjoyed this pizza - my first experience with true Chicago deep dish.  It was very saucy and full of flavor.  Stay tuned - I've just started my quest for the best vegan deep dish in the city!


The Roses said...

there is a breakfast place in chicago that sells some type of fruit sushi. i don't remember the name but find out. last time mark and i were there, we went early because we heard they sell out fast - but it wasn't ready yet.

sarah-mai said...

Fruit Sushi? I'll definitely be on the lookout...sounds intriguing :)

Sara Taylor said...

HOLY CRAP. I just called to confirm...I had no idea Gino's East deep dish is vegan minus the crust!! :)

sarah-mai said...

It's funny, deep dish pizza is not typically made with any milk, butter or eggs. If you're looking for great vegan pizza in Chicago - Dimo's is awesome (formerly Ian's). And Santullo's has some great vegan toppings as well.