February 9, 2011

Fresher than Fresh

This summer, while researching places to eat in Kansas City, I stumbled upon Fresher than Fresh Snowcones.  The minute I saw a picture of their food trailer, I had to seek them out.  When the weather permits (May - Sept), they show up in various outdoor locations around the city (check their website for schedules).
Their snowcones are made from all natural, real ingredients.  And if you're not into snowcones, I dare you not to love Fresher than Fresh.  With flavors like Lime Mint, Pineapple Serrano and Blood Orange, you will completely change the way you feel about snowcones.
I chose Blackberry Lavender...very complex, not overly sweet, and so lovely on a hot day.
I do realize we're in the middle of winter, but it's so dreary that I thought we could all use a bit of sunshine today!

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