November 8, 2010

A Perfect Lunch at Ely's To Go

Last month, I spent a couple of days with my parents in Youngstown, Ohio at their vegan restaurant, Ely's To Go.  This visit I got to try some of their latest creations.  

Zucchini + Corn Pancakes with Roasted Red Pepper dipping sauce - these are so light and fluffy, you'll hardly believe there are no eggs required for this recipe!
And a cup of Black Bean Chili on the side...such a perfect lunch.
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omgoshimvegan said...

Boy I wish I had that. It looks fantastic. It's raining here and a bowl of black bean soup would be wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Jeni Treehugger said...

You need to get that pancake recipe somehow - bribe them or use stealth!

Brian said...

these are great posts. we have friends that live in boardman, which is very close. we visit them ever once in a while, and these would be great places for us to take them :-) thanks for these posts!

sarah-mai said...

I can definitely get the pancake recipe for you! I'll post it later this week :)

I grew up 20 min from Boardman. Ely's To Go is a must for a vegan there!!!

Anonymous said...

My husband is from Massillon. I don't see any reason why we couldn't just continue on down the road to Youngstown to go to your parents' restaurant. How cool! Some of my very best friends are from Youngstown and I'm going to make sure to tell them to go to Ely's To Go next time they take the kids home to visit Grandma!

sarah-mai said...

Yes! That would be awesome. Right now their hours are Mon - Fri from about 9am - 5pm (or whenever they sell out!). However, they will soon be moving to their own space (right now they're inside The Bread Chef) and I believe they'll be adding Saturdays with a full vegan brunch. Hopefully before the end of the year! But definitely in January.