November 1, 2010

Columbus North Market

The North Market in downtown Columbus is a great place for lunch or your go-to spot for local flowers and groceries.  

There are plenty of food vendors with everything from Indian to Vietnamese to German traditional cuisines.  There are also bulk spices, artisan bread, fresh flowers and a local chocolaterie.  

Jeni's has the most amazing ice creams and sorbets.  Really unique flavors...Riesling Poached Pear is my favorite sorbet.  They have several locations in Columbus...see my previous post here.

Nida's has some lovely curries made with tofu and lots of fresh vegetables and spices.  I chose the red curry, which was full of ginger, pineapples, carrots and onions.
My other favorites in the Market are Pure Imagination Chocolatier (most of the dark chocolates are vegan), Bubbles (wonderful Bubble tea with soymilk), and Lan Viet (which serves vegetarian ham).


Ryan said...

Thanks for the nice post!

Three new lovely sorbets coming soon:

Grapefruit Hibiscus
Cranberry Royale
Black Currant

sarah-mai said...

That is so great to know Ryan!!! They all sound amazing!

My family in Columbus adores your ice creams...especially the Buckeye State and the Salty Caramel :)

The Roses said...

and the pumpkin 5 spice with caramel sauce or the sweet corn with black raspberries! can't wait for Powell to open.