November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Potluck at DG

On Thanksgiving night, my husband and I attended a potluck at Daily Grub, my favorite restaurant in Omaha.  The restaurant itself was closed, but friends of DG were invited (omnivores, vegetarians and vegans) to get together for food, drink and conversation.  

Considering most people spend all day with their families, an evening with friends is a nice way to unwind and relax.

Here are a few things we enjoyed...everything is vegan unless otherwise marked.

Shepard's Pie with roasted vegetables and turnip mash
Roasted Root Vegetables with fresh dill
Spinach and Soba Noodle Salad (vegetarian)
Pumpkin Pie, made by the lovely Elle
And this is the magical pumpkin.  He looks whole in this picture, but his other half is in the pie!  
It was such a lovely evening.  I brought Chestnut Stuffing, not pictured, but the recipe is in my previous post.  And a potluck is such a great idea for Thanksgiving...only one dish to prepare!

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omgoshimvegan said...

Looks like a great dinner.