November 19, 2010

Adopt a Turkey for Thanksgiving

For the past 5 or so years, my Thanksgiving tradition has been to adopt a turkey from Farm Sanctuary.  It's such a lovely thing to do and it actually promotes thankfulness, gratitude and a love for all beings, as opposed to killing 45-50 million turkeys (isn't that statistic incomprehensible?).  If you're not familiar with Farm Sanctuary, it's exactly that.  A sanctuary for animals.  And it just so happens that they have quite a few turkeys at their New York and California locations.

If you visit the Adopt a Turkey site, you can choose which turkey you'd like to sponsor.  I always try to pick the strangest looking turkey because I assume that most people pick the cutest turkey and I don't want any turkey to get left out.  This year, Reese was my pick.  She is very strange looking indeed :)

It's $30 to sponsor a turkey, and that's probably less than you'd spend on purchasing a turkey to eat for Thanksgiving.  Plus, healthier for your family and the planet.  The side dishes are the best part anyhow, right?  Next week, I'll post recipes and pics of what I'll be making for our vegan Thanksgiving.  I promise you won't miss the turkey.

And a very special shout out to the Rose family of Powell, Ohio who will be celebrating their first vegetarian Thanksgiving this year.  They are omnivores, but they've chosen to reduce their meat consumption and what better day to start than Thanksgiving?  I love you, Mark Tramy Owen + Isaac.


bitt said...

that's so sweet you pick the funny looking ones. bless you!

The Roses said...

let's see how this one goes...btw, did you know that a turkeys head changes colors like a mood ring? i've actually witnessed one chnage from red to blue. it was quite odd.