April 7, 2010

Ely's to go

If you ever find yourself in Boardman, Ohio, you should stop by Ely's to go. It's a small vegan restaurant inside of The Bread Chef on Western Reserve Road, and just happens to be my parents' restaurant. I was there visiting recently and took a few pics...

Mike, the baker and owner of The Bread Chef, bakes all kinds of amazing bread. The pretzel bread + the ciabatta are my favorites!

This is my mom's prep area...she prepares the soups and the entrees and comes up with all of the amazing recipes herself.

The spring rolls are a staple on the menu - rice noodles, soy chicken, lettuce, cucumbers + cilantro with a hoisin dipping sauce. They are so light and fresh, completely irresistible.

This entree was featured on the menu per my request - sweet and sour soy chicken with onions, peppers and sugar snap peas with a side of rice. I could eat sweet and sour sauce everyday of the week.

This is a great new addition to their menu, grilled cheese with a twist. Arugula, pears, red pepper sauce and Daiya soy cheese on Focaccia...it's really really good.

My dad is in charge of the salads, spring rolls + everything sweet. He has a different cookie and scone everyday. This cookie features dried cranberries, coconut and macadamia nuts....mmmmm.


alicia said...

i just happened upon your blog while searching for a website for Ely's... i'm loving your blog and so excited to read the months and months of entries! i recently just got some take-out from your parents place and LOVED it!! i had the wheat berry sloppy joes on a buckwheat and flaxseed waffle....Oh Em Gee it was delicious!! So good!! i've told everyone about them and i can't wait to eat more of Ely's awesome food.

sarah-mai said...

That's so great to hear...nice to meet you!

I've had the privilege of eating my mother's wonderful veggie food all of my life and I'm constantly searching for that caliber of food while I travel.

I have yet to try the Wheatberry sloppy joe - I can't wait to visit next time!

Thanks for saying hello :)

Ashleigh said...

I also found your blog while looking for a website to Elly's. We recently ate there for the first time and it was fabulous! My dad is not a fan of vegetarian food and we brought home the spicy meatball sub and he LOVED it! We didn't tell him it wasn't real meat until after and he was impressed because he didn't know, lol. He wants to order from there again soon. I am hoping that they have gift certificates because I want to get my mom one for mothers day. Good luck to your parents and you as well.

sarah-mai said...

That's awesome! I love when omnis discover good vegetarian/vegan food :)

I'm sure they can accommodate your request for a gift certificate, just stop in or call!!!