April 26, 2012

Union Sushi

I recently had dinner with some friends at Union Sushi in Chicago. They have a separate all vegetarian menu with lots of items that can be veganized.

To start, the Agedashi Potato. Purple potato “tater-tot,” daikon, ginger, green onion + vegetarian broth. Make sure to let your server know you're vegan, they'll make sure it's vegan friendly. And...it's amazing. 
Next, I tried the Grilled Tofu with miso balsamic sauce and rice puffs. I love that this savory dish looks like dessert. It's grilled on an open flame robata grill and served on a skewer.
For sushi, I chose the Pickle Roll with oshinko, gobo, tamago pickled cucumber, green onion, pickled red onion + black sesame... 
And the Sonoma, with lettuce, red and yellow bell peppers, green and red onion, toasted pine nuts + miso-balsamic. They were both incredible and extremely refreshing (no avocado rolls here!)
I also tried their Japanese soda in pineapple. Perfect for me, because it's not as sweet as our typical sodas.
If you're craving dessert, the Coconut Cream Pie from Karyn's Cooked is a short walking distance away :)

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