April 9, 2012


When you hear Austin TX, you might not immediately think of sushi, let alone vegan sushi. However, I had some of the most amazing sushi there.

Uchi is located in south Austin, with a second location called Uchinko in Rosedale.
Let your server know about any dietary restrictions and they'll happily accommodate. 

The Tomato Katsu, or panko fried green tomatoes are heavenly. The normal sauce contains roe, but they're just as amazing dipped in soy sauce.
The Fried Tofu can also be altered to be vegetarian (omitting the bonito shavings and using a vegetable based broth). I like to keep the broth separate so the tofu stays crispy. It's perfect with the fresh green onions.
The bond sushi roll is filled with gobo, avocado and sun-dried tomato, wrapped in soy paper and topped with black sesame. The sun-dried tomatoes were such a nice and unexpected flavor, adding sweetness and texture.
The Nasu was my absolute favorite. It's Japanese eggplant with lemon miso served on top of rice. It's charred to perfection and so flavorful.
Everything I tasted was incredible. On my next trip, I'd love to try Uchinko. I hear they have amazing fried brussel sprouts!

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