April 5, 2012

Whole Foods - Flagship Edition

Another one of the highlights of my Austin trip was a visit to the Whole Foods flagship store

I made sure to visit for breakfast, as The Lazy Smurf highly recommended the breakfast taco bar (more on that later).
The store is beautiful. It's extremely open, airy and inviting. The bulk section is at least three times the size of my local Whole Foods.

And the prepared food section is gigantic.

The vegan options are plentiful and all clearly marked.
I prefer savory breakfasts, but if sweet is your thing, the vegan donuts look phenomenal. Apple fritters, glazed, raspberry filled, chocolate glazed, coconut glazed, cinnamon sugar and chocolate...mmmmmm.
Now...the taco bar. First, you stand in line (there will most definitely be a line). Then you'll choose your tortilla - spelt, corn or flour (white or wheat). Next, the hot ingredients. For vegetarians, this means potatoes, scrambled tofu, or vegan chorizo. And finally, the fresh vegetables, sauces and salsas. 

I chose a wheat tortilla, filled with potatoes, vegan chorizo, pico de gallo and guacamole.
Holy cannoli - I LOVED this breakfast! And it was only $3.

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