March 6, 2012


This summer I came across a very unique ice creamerie in Chicago called iCream.
You choose your base - regular, light, soy or organic. Then you choose your flavor(s) and topping(s). Flavors range from almond to burnt sugar to curry to root beer. And their toppings include fresh fruit, granola, nuts and candy. I decided to try blackberry and burnt sugar with graham cracker pieces. If you need help choosing, you can get all kinds of inspiration from their favorites section.

Once you make your selections, they mix everything together (the base is in liquid form)  and pour it into a Kitchen Aid mixer. Soon after, the entire area is flooded with clouds of white vapor.
The end result was really quite good - I love the burnt sugar flavor.


xvavaveganx said...

I've heard about this place! I love the idea of it, I think it would be really successful in NY and Cali too. Yours looks so good!

sarah-mai said...

It's especially great since I can no longer eat Pinkberry (since going vegan). I love mixing in fresh fruit and anything crunchy :)

Laure said...

Yeahh !! :) I remember that one !

sarah-mai said...

Yep, you're in the first photo above if you look closely :)

Laure said...

Oh yeah !!