March 21, 2012

Snack Bar

Snack Bar is another great restaurant in south Austin. The SoCo neighborhood is full of al fresco restaurants, shops and open air markets. It's a great spot for exploring.
Snack Bar offers local, organic ingredients with all kinds of vegetarian and vegan options. On the menu, you'll find a guide to tell you if an item is vegan or can be prepared vegan. They also have this feature for gluten free items.
I chose their Saigon Sub, with house seitan, nuóc châm aioli, pickled daikon, carrot
& green onion, moonlight bolillo (made vegan of course). Great textures and the perfect blend of flavors.
Don't you think it would be so easy for restaurants to offer a vegan alternative to most of their meat dishes, by just subbing seitan, tofu, tempeh or faux meats? I'm seeing more and more restaurants doing exactly this, but I'm hoping the number increases tenfold in the very near future. 

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