March 14, 2012

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar . Take II

Two weeks ago, my husband and I made a quick trip to New York. We were staying at The Ace Hotel, so for dinner we walked a few blocks to Rickshaw Dumpling Bar. I've featured Rickshaw before, but it's worth another look.

The vegetarian dumpling is filled with seasoned and pureed edamame in a whole wheat wrapper. You can get them in a soup or with a salad. I normally go for a salad, but this time I decided to go for the Miso Noodle Soup (the only vegetarian soup). It's topped with seaweed, green onions and bean sprouts. It makes for a lovely casual and quick dinner.
You can also follow the Rickshaw truck on Twitter and get your dumplings to go.
P.S. If you do take yours to go, I recommend a salad. The whole wheat wrapper can break down quickly in the soup.

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