November 5, 2012

The Mermaid Inn

With my family from France in town last week (during Hurricane Sandy), we didn't venture out very far. We pretty much stayed in our neighborhood most of the week.

Within walking distance, there's a really cute restaurant called The Mermaid Inn. I don't normally have high hopes for vegetarian/vegan options at seafood restaurants, however, the kitchen was very accommodating and prepared their Spaghetti with Salad on Top without the seafood. I was left with a garlicy, spicy pasta topped with arugula that was seriously tasty.
After dinner, they give out Fortune Teller Miracle Fish. Very cute - I save them for my nieces and nephews (although they're getting quite big now and don't have much interest in non-electronics).
Their Old Bay Fries are pretty awesome too!

P.S. On a more serious note, we were so very lucky on the upper west side. We never lost power or water. Transportation was the biggest obstacle, making us very fortunate. Here are some of the pictures I took around the city.

 Here's where the darkness started/stopped on 29th Street.

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