November 28, 2012

Travel snacks . I

I've been doing a lot of traveling lately, and I'm always looking for healthy snacks to take with me on the plane. I like to use Gate Guru to locate what my options are - they list all food locations by airport, then by terminal. Whenever I see a Cibo Express, I head straight for it. They have all kinds of vegan friendly snacks, including Divvies vegan cookies in several different flavors, Amande almond milk yogurt, Sabra hummus + pretzel chips (one of my favorites) and vegan chocolates/candies

My two most frequented airports, Chicago O'Hare and NY Laguardia both have Cibo locations, which I am extremely grateful for!


Lakshmi Jagad said...

I am a fan of Larabars and now there is another brand that I have become fond of, Pure Organic. And every day, it seems like there is another brand of snack bars that hits the market.

sarah-mai said...

Love Larabars + Pro Halo/Probars. But sometimes they're too sweet for me. I love to find new savory snacks :)