July 2, 2012

Ted + Wally's

On my last trip to Omaha, I was most excited to try the vegan ice cream from Ted + Wally's. I used to live right next to this adorable ice creamerie and since I left, they've started to offer vegan ice cream.

Vegan Cinnamon ice cream was the flavor the week I visited. This brought back childhood memories for me.

I grew up in a very small Ohio town, where we celebrated the Johnny Appleseed Festival every September. My favorite part of this event was the Apple Cinnamon ice cream. Since going vegan, I haven't been able to partake, nor find a vegan substitute. Now...there weren't any apples in Ted + Wally's version, but it was by far the closest thing I've tasted. And a seriously spot on texture, which can be rare for vegan ice cream.
And I just read that they're currently offering Vegan Chocolate Chip Peppermint Stick!

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