July 16, 2012

Norwegian dinner

There are all kinds of options for dinner on Norwegian. You can choose the buffet (always a vegetarian Asian option plus lots of veggies and fruits), or one of the main dining rooms (salads and pasta dishes), or you can choose one of their specialty restaurants. Below are some of my favorites from their specialty restaurants.

Orchid Garden is the Asian restaurant on board. We had dinner there one of our first nights - I chose a rice noodle dish with sauteed veggies, soy sauce and hot peppers. (They also offered avocado and cucumber rolls).
At Teppanyaki, the Japanese steakhouse, I started with edamame.
Then moved onto grilled vegetables.
And ended on grilled tofu with lots of vegetables and rice. (Ask for white rice, as the fried rice is made with eggs).
And most nights after dinner, I went to the main dining room for their lemon sorbet. I love citrus sorbets! 

This is the view from one of the dining rooms. Not too shabby.


Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous sunset! wow. and what delicious meals! i love edamame!

sarah-mai said...

I was very pleasantly surprised on the cruise. I thought I might be eating peanut butter and jelly for a week :)