June 27, 2012

Wrigley Field

Last month, I went to a Chicago Cubs game with my husband, and our good friends Susan and Todd (vegan and vegetarian, respectively). Susan and I were uber-excited to try their Sloppy Jane, a vegan version of the more traditional Sloppy Joe. It's made with tempeh, peppers and onions and topped with a molasses and brown sugar barbecue sauce. 

It was such a nice change to actually have something decent to eat at a sporting event. Normally my options are limited to fries or a pretzel with mustard. Even my omni husband loved this! (Did I mention my husband has decided to go vegan for a month?! It's a trial period...I hope it lasts!)
I'm hoping to get to a White Sox game soon...hopefully Comiskey Park can compete with Wrigley Field's vegan friendliness.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that looks delicious! i love ballgames:) and yay for vegan friendly ballpark eats!

sarah-mai said...

It was so good. I actually didn't eat the bun...just used the tempeh as a dip for my chips since I'm trying to reduce my gluten/wheat intake.

Laure said...

I remember the last time I was there :)

sarah-mai said...

Laure - they didn't have vegan options last year. It keeps getting better :)