June 29, 2012

Caffeine Dreams

I was recently back in Omaha for work, and had a free afternoon.

I met some of my very good friends, Denise and Drea, at Caffeine Dreams for a quick bite.
They have four different kinds of vegan kaloches from Culprit Bakery. You can choose from Buffalo Seitan and Vegan Feta, Seitan and Arrabiata Sauce, Sloppy Seitan (peppers, onion, bbq, ketchup and celery) or Vegan Cheddar and Polenta (Cucumbers and Carrots). I went with the Cheddar and Polenta with a side of extra cheese. (I'm not always sold on vegan cheese, but this was spot on). I'm already planning my next trip back to try the other flavors. I loved the polenta.
And an Apple Muffin for the road...which turned out to be another stellar choice.


Amber Lee Corp said...

I just wanted to tell you I just went to Ely's to Go and it was incredible! My husband and I shared the black bean rice burger, soup, triple berry muffin, spring rolls and we got another muffin and cookie to go. Your parents are so nice and your mom is beautiful! I look forward to goimg again :)

Anonymous said...

that apple muffin looks amazing!! i might just bake some for my road trip!! yay!

sarah-mai said...

Amber Lee - I'm so glad you got to stop by! I love the black rice burger...and the triple berry muffins :)